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Edit He became popular in the world after he was honored with the Grammy Awards in 1997.

He got his nomination in this award that year from this second studio album, The Score. Edit He began his musical career as the band member of the Tranzlator Crew.

Even though he was able to raise millions of dollars for charitable relief in a short amount of time, mismanagement of those funds meant that little of it went to those in need on the ground, and by 2012 the charity folded with a long rap sheet of unpaid debts and dashed hopes for one of the poorest nations on Earth.

Investigations into the tax records cast Jean in a poor light as he directly benefitted from the mismanagement.

So, they worked hard on their first album from that time on and they were also finally able to release their first album in 1994 under the title, Blunted on Reality.In addition he attempted to run for President of Haiti during the middle of said same scandal, only to be told he was disqualified by not being a Haitian resident for the required length of time. As my opinion of Jean's integrity soured personally, his musical output declined precipitously to the point he only released one EP from 2010 until February of this year.That's not to say Jean wasn't still contributing to songs and projects by other artists, but it seemed that his own voice had been silenced either by his inability to solve his image crisis, or from a complete lack of interest in doing anything to continue the musical legacy he had built up to an epic height in the 2000's.He eloquently articulated the struggle of the immigrant to assimilate into the larger tapestry of his new home, the pain of the discrimination he felt for both his accent and his skin tone, and his desire for everyone to come together in love despite their cultural, political or religious differences. Since that time Jean has made many mistakes both musically and personally.While one can argue his Jean had only the most noble of intentions when he founded his Yele Haiti charity in the early 2000's, and they arguably did some good work in the wake of Hurricane Jeanne, they were unable to repeat that success following a devastating 2010 earthquake.Edit He has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and he has also won some of them.In 2004, he played hi important part in the drama movie, Hotel Rwanad and for his work in that movie he was nominated in Satellite Awards for Best Original Song.Edit Wyclef Jean is a Haitian native and he was born in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.He spent most of his childhood days there but when he was nine years old he migrated to United States and finally settled there. Wyclef Jean married Marie Claudinette Jean in 1994. They are serving a great example of celebrity who is good in keeping his married life tight and long.He would never show up, cops would threaten to shut us down, and the label would scream at my crew all day. It wasn't until I returned to New York with the footage that I began to concoct a backup plan that would turn the focus on the process of making the video itself—creating a meta-video that documents its own inception.Wyclef Jean who is also known by his nickname Jean is one of the famous rapper from Haiti.

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