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It's undoubtedly going to be a grinding scenario so literally all you have to do is show a semblance of rhythm and move your hips with the girl whether she's facing you or not. Reggae/Soca will provide some issues for both of you.I don't even know what soca is, but I know there is a shit ton of disorienting sounds and indistinguishable languages. The guy being overambitious and trying to keep up with a girl that knows how to work it to these tracks will be an unsuccessful guy.Bill Bradford will even throw out some "average-sized" people jokes in his stand-up routine, much of it culled from actual experiences.Like the time the 6-foot guy asked the under-4-foot Bradford if he'd been born that short. "I started out 6 feet tall and kept getting shorter as I got older.

Attendees are offered stools for their rooms and 2-foot wands to help them latch the security locks on their doors.

Many little people can tell you exactly how many folks like them are in their town, including the estimated 125 in the Bay Area. "Or follow you around." "You know what gets people to stop staring: Just wave at them," said Mike Delaney, 15, of Newport Beach (Orange County). Fourteen-year-old Zach Roloff of Oregon, who is 3 foot 10, plays basketball with average-size kids, "but they don't pass me the ball." But he gets plenty of touches at the convention's basketball tournament.

For many, this week is a social and emotional life preserver, their chance to attend workshops on everything from medical lectures on the 200 kinds of dwarfism to sexuality, and to compete in sports tournaments.

The National Conference of Little People of America is being heald at the Burlingame Hyatt Regency . It's the "m -- word" to adults who never topped 4 feet 10 because of a medical or genetic condition.

The Little People of America are holding their annual convention at a Burlingame hotel over the next week, and while the 1,800 dwarves and family members expected to attend differ on everything from politics to the direction of the support and advocacy organization, there's one thing that bonds nearly all: They must stand on a two-step ladder to peer over the hotel's registration desk.

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