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It's practically unimaginable thinking of all the complexities you had to go through just to get a world class seduction guru to reveal all his advance dating strategies he's worked so hard to refine -- and now I'm seeing you managed to get a group of 11 of them to reveal ALL their secrets at the same time. Honestly, with the sheer voluptuous size of information you managed to pack into this entire program -- each gave an entirely unique perspective to how seduction & attraction is actually done in the real world...

which to me is an excellent, EXCELLENT platform for guys to have an all-round, complete and accelerated learning to what success with women is all about!

Better yet, print it out and wear out your highlighting pen as you try to figure out the first points that will help you the most as you get a whole new start on your new dating life. The Instant Attraction Program is a collection of techniques from 11 different authors - thus you get 11 different views and opinions on how to attract women.

Look, I sat down and recorded some of my top techniques for you in audio just so you could rest your eyes from all the reading, and I'm here to tell you that you've got a lot of new material to absorb and learn. From these wide array of techniques, you'll be able to choose what works for you much more easily.

Everything from real "inner game" techniques, to factors you should and shouldn't care about (and some you didn't know existed! I've been reading the books and reviewing it for days now, and I'm only halfway through it.

), to handling boyfriends, to breaking up, to building your self-confidence, to handling tests, to building sexual tension... My good friends Rion and Will Hicks are all here, and more guys that you're going to hear more about in the future. What someone uses with success might lead to a complete disaster if you try it yourself.

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"Hey Simon, David Kwan here and I just wanted to send you a quick email about how impressed I am with your Instant Attraction Program.

Although I'm a contributing author myself, even I was amazed by the cool techniques and perspectives other authors share in this manual.

If you take learning to seduce women seriously, "Simon Heong has put together a masterpiece. to get the hottest women in the world literally BEGGING for your body.

Here, you’ll not have 1, but 2 of our community’s LEADING female authorities on dating & attraction who'll unselfishly be sharing with you their most ‘prized’ insights on women's ever-evolving thought-process & turn-ons...

Simon's new product is just what the doctor ordered...

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