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The Tomboy Shop aims to build a community space for androgynous individuals with their clothes and their blog that helps to discover the latest in androgynous fashion and happenings in the community.

VEEA is an androgynous fashion shop creating high-end menswear made to fit women.

Charlie Boy creates clothing inspired by menswear, but ultimately fits women’s bodies.

Dapper Q is empowering and changing the game for fashion.#HERFashion Week is a time for us to feature a few amazing brands that will have you online shopping for hours.In honor of New York Fashion Week, we decided to feature brands that really mean something to the HER community.The shop started when sisters Vee and A couldn’t find the clothing they wanted in stores.They are making clothing “you can wear and feel like “you” without compromising design, style, and aesthetics.” VEEA encourages you to stay true to yourself.The designers Jenny & Allie hope to contribute to the growing acceptance and awareness of variations in non-gendered fashion.The Tomboy Shop is a destination shop made for tomboys.Veer was started from an Indiegogo campaign and has been made into a successful tomboy shop.They creates clothing for androgynous women by androgynous women.Androgyny is on a mission to inspire confidence by making clothes that fit true to ones body type.Veer NYC is contemporary fashion retailer for women seeking clothing that blurs the lines of modern masculine and feminine style.

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