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It’s shocking to see the frequent shouting, insults and even physical violence occurring in federal buildings.

I really don’t understand how that kind of behavior is accepted.

In this year elections he ran for a seat in Sao Paulo City Council but at the end could not take it (even though he got more than 250.000 votes (!!! ) because “Ficha Limpa” (“Clean Record”) made it impossible for convicted politicians to apply for candidacy – which was his case.

After 25 years, we have now Bolsonaro saying the same old demented lines and getting as many votes as Maluf. The second is, even if she does, This man is an elected official and he should be setting an example. Thousands of women are raped in Brazil each year and suggesting that some of them deserve it is just ridiculous. Of course rape is not to be treated like a game and of course he should be setting an example, so should SHE! The story ist not like it’s written in this blog or in most newspapers, they just forward what they’ve heard!

Sadly, the only conclusion I get is that if we don´t educate our people, we are all going to be keep being “brain raped” by those bastards…. Our elected officials should be there to set an example. But people are ignoring the fact, that she started the whole thing and that what he said is like “an idiom” for “you are an ugly woman”. Most people just follow the crowd without questioning what exactly happened, that’s unfair! I also hate sexism and recognize our society is still very primitive, BUT the story is actually as follows: He was at the congress speaking with jornalists in favor of lowering the minimal age of criminal responsability.

For future generations, only education will work, but that’s too late for the 59-year old Bolsonaro.Most of us Brazilian people do not like and do not agree with this stupid and sick idiot.If you want to help make our voice heard by the Congress, please sign the on line petition.Rosário was against that and in favor of releasing Champinha, so she interrupted the interview and called Bolsonaro a rapist because of that. She was defending a murderer-rapist, and Bolsonaro was defending harsher punishment for them, and she called him a rapist for that. The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see!After he insulted back, she put a little show pretending to be the victim, but she actually comitted a crime, while his response, although in poor taste, is more than a reasonable reaction to being called a rapist. They even watch the video and that do Rosário started the whole thing, but it doesn’t matter because Bolsonaro is the evil.He is a hateful man who perhaps more than any other person exemplifies the backward side of Brazil that is still a huge and tragically worrying presence in this great nation.Brazil’s problem however, is not just people like Bolsonaro.Frighteningly, it is already too late for many of the country’s voters.In October, Jair Bolsonaro was reelected to a sixth successive term in Rio de Janeiro.“I said I wouldn’t even rape you,” he said in reference to comments he said he made a few days ago, “because you don’t deserve it.” Members of Congress have parliamentary immunity in Brazil and can say what they like without fear of prosecution.Bolsonaro has already said his kids grew up in an educated family and so have no chance of being gay or of dating blacks.

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