Who is hannah dating in pretty little liars Khatar xxx

Hannah went to visit Mona again, but Mona is not allowed to having any more visitors (due to her freak out after Caleb’s visit).

He tells Spencer that he’s going to stop offering the reward. He is writing a check for ,000, and he calls someone to meet him in a parking lot.Hannah realizes she can’t tell Caleb the truth, and Caleb says she is pushing him away.He breaks up with her – saying that she didn’t give him much of a choice.Now, a detective drives by Spencer and asks how far away her lake house is.Uh-oh…the girls going to get caught in their big lie? A shot of A at the Montecito airport, and he/she is changing the online status – saying that Mona can have visitors. Now, for the biggest development during the episode – Melissa was the Black Swan!! Spencer, Emily, Hannah, and Aria head to Philadelphia to find out what Melissa is hiding.While snooping through her room (and almost getting caught – that was intense! In fact, they basically got married right then and there!Making the proposal/sort-of marriage even more perfect? (OK fine, we're crying.)"Hanna, I would marry you right this second if we could find a bear who was licensed," Caleb said, before Hanna pulled out celebratory champagne and cigars, which ended up providing temporary rings for the couple to put on each other's fingers."When can I kiss the bride?Wren tells Hannah that he is talking to her about Allison’s missing remains.Aria tells Hannah that she has to tell Caleb the truth about the new A, and when Hannah is planning to do so, she gets a text from A.

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