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His next project is The Lobster, a science-fiction thriller directed by Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos that starts shooting in Ireland in March and co-stars Rachel Weisz. Friends were like, 'You were having an affair with Elizabeth Taylor? But the onus is on me to dilute whatever effect they have on me."The biggest interesting thing about me is, has he had a venti or grande chai latte?

"I'd like to have a better strike rate of films that work better than some of the things I've done. Speaking of unexpected, can we please discuss his platonic friendship with Elizabeth Taylor, who died in 2011 at age 79?

The 38-year-old actor says that he's now focusing on resurrecting his acting career (pictured here in the upcoming second series of True Detective) and being a good father to his two sons James and Henry Left: Colin married actress Amelia Warner, now married to Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan, in 2001 in a ceremony in Tahiti though the marriage wasn't legal; Right: He was also rumoured to have dated Demi Moore By the next year he was linked with Demi Moore, although they've both denied the affair and in 2003, Britney Spears accompanied him to the premiere of his film The Recruit but any intimate acquaintance didn't last with Colin insisting they were 'just mates'.Director Akiva Goldsman cast Farrell precisely because, he says, the actor can convincingly play a troublemaker with inner goodness. I don't think of stuff conceptually of what is happening in the industry, and maybe I should."He is somebody who has lived, he has experienced life, light and dark, and he carries that with him. That's a rare commodity in our industry."Farrell makes no effort to airbrush his life or his reality: his time in rehab in 2005; the rewards and challenges of co-parenting his oldest son James, 10 (with former girlfriend Kim Bordenave), who suffers from Angelman syndrome , a disorder that results in intellectual and developmental disabilities; and the fact that quite often, films he was thrilled to be shooting wound up being less than masterful. I'm leaning more now towards stuff that's more affecting, that stays with me longer," he says.Yet, even though the two-year anniversary of their first public spotting is on the horizon, the press still continues to refer to his lady friend as simply a brunette mystery.In fact, Farrell hadn't even talked publically about the relationship before.Farrell's Peter Lake has been abandoned by his parents and seeks a stable, loving place in a turbulent world."Peter is a survivor, but a decent guy. He's somebody who didn't have anyone to lean on, no familial structure, no societal structure.He does only steal from people who can afford it," says Farrell. But during a lively chat at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, he has to be continuously nudged toward talking about his film. At least he's creative."Farrell is in frigid Manhattan to promote his romance, Winter's Tale, opening Friday."Guns bore me, guns and politics."And while he loves being an actor, he's less than enamored of being away from his boys for months at a time when he could be home in Los Angeles.So he's become a lot more choosy."It took me a long time to stop feeling so beholden in a kind of slouch-shouldered way to my good fortune. I got to know her for the last two years of her life."They'd chat on the phone a few nights a week because both were lousy sleepers.

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