Where rihanna and drake dating

Gossip Cop called out the same site just a few weeks ago for making up a phony story about , and now she’s suddenly “hurt.” The truth is Hollywood Lies just fabricates one article after another, which are often contradictory. And it seemingly doesn’t let accuracy get in the way of its traffic.

Photos from Bella Hadid’s 21st birthday have been surfacing, and from what we’ve seen, it was a glorious intimate affair at a New York City restaurant with her close friends and family—including her sister Gigi Hadid and mum, Yolanda Foster.

At first, there was widespread speculation about Jameel's identity.

(We learned about the relationship through a grainy photo in which he and Ri Ri appear to be getting intimate in hot tub.) Eventually, we learned that Jameel is a 29-year-old billionaire who owns the sole right to sell Toyotas in Saudi Arabia and has a freakin' soccer league named after him.

A new report alleging Rihanna feels “hurt” over rumors claiming Drake and Nicki Minaj are dating is made-up.

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Jennifer Lopez and Drake are totally dating, and there's one person who is NOT happy about it — Rihanna!

Sources tell “Drake is kinda jealous of Rihanna’s new billionaire boyfriend.

He has no idea why she likes this guy,” a source tells the site.

The outlet isn’t even sure whether Drake and Minaj are dating, so it carefully tiptoed around that to allege that the “rumor” of them even being together has Rihanna “hurt.” But it’s all fake news.

An actual source close to the situation assures Gossip Cop the report is “not true.” As we noted above, no one from Rihanna’s trusted inner circle is divulging such personal information about her to the often disproven outlet.

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