What to do dating a married man

When you find yourself falling in love with a married man, life can seem so much simpler and easy in some ways, but there’s always a dark side to it. Falling in love with a married man Love is a funny thing.

And let’s admit it, if a sweet guy hits on you very subtly, in a manner you love, would you want him to stop?In some cases, a woman might just want to be good friends while the man spins his chance on the wheel of seduction fortune.Do women fall in love with married men for sex or love? They admire others who can hold on to happy relationships and they envy them.In my life, and in many other women’s lives, it’s just the case of the sweet talk laced with goodness that does the trick, that, and the second round of confessions and sharing problems. A friend of mine who was seeing a guy once told me, “I don’t want a man to take care of me, I just want a man who wants me.” That’s the point, because men do get attracted to women outside their relationship almost all the time. They don’t have to worry about cooking dishes, cope with his spending sprees, entertain his friends, nothing!From what I know, it’s usually the men who are ever ready for a quick fling. When a man hooks up outside wedlock, he doesn’t want to take care of her, he just wants her and what she’s got to give. They can lead their own life without having to worry about his.Click here to read the author’s introduction of her having an affair with a married man.Affairs with married men and happiness just don’t mix.[Read: Money can buy happiness in love] And the fact is, they know he’s committed and will never come to them, and they love the guy for that one reason. And beyond that, a rich married man with real money can provide a lot more than a young hot man with penniless dreams.Who needs Einstein wannabe when you can have Sugar Daddy?It may be the case for a few women, but definitely not everyone.I haven’t come across any woman who pretends to fall in love with a married man just for the heck of it, but those women do exist, I guess.

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