Validating ze drying

Mackenzie, FT; Andersson, AJ; Arvidson, RS; Guidry, MW; Lerman, A. Land-sea carbon and nutrient fluxes and coastal ocean CO(2) exchange and acidification: Past, present, and future.

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Changes in the quality and functioning of the reef ecosystem have an impact on the provision of ecosystem services, which directly or indirectly benefit human well-being by fulfilling many human needs. Working Paper, World Resources Institute and The Nature Conservancy, Washington, D.

Responses may seek to control socio-economic drivers through policies or economic decisions that directly influence sectors.

Cover and edge length to area ratio of seagrass (Thalassia testudinum) meadows in coral reef lagoons (Veracruz Reef System, Southwest Gulf of Mexico). Thermal responses of juvenile squaretail mullet (Liza vaigiensis) and juvenile crescent terapon (Terapon jarbua) acclimated at near-lethal temperatures, and the implications for climate change. Reproductive effects of the water-accommodated fraction of a natural gas condensate in the Indo-Pacific reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis.

The ecological role of Holothuria scabra (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) within subtropical seagrass beds.

Gonadal development in a giant threatened reef fish, the humphead wrasse Cheilinus undulatus, and its relationship to international trade.

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