Updating zune software

The amount of time it takes will vary depending on the update size.

Not to be confused with the Zune 2.3 firmware update, Microsoft is today pushing out the Zune 2.3 software update, which brings with it a whole slew of fixes but no real new features.

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The Zune 4.0 desktop software was officially announced and is now available to download and I already have it up and running on my MSI Wind in preparation for the arrival today of my new 32GB Zune HD.

–Windows 7 Users– This will work in Win7 also, however you will need to do one additional step to get it to work. instead of running the zune-x86directly, you will need to Right-Click the file and choose “Troubleshoot compatibility”.

It will run a test, then click on the Start the Program and it should then allow us to install the Zune 4.0 software.

After installing the Zune Software, plug the Windows Smartphone into your PC.

Zune software recognizes the smartphone and displays a Start screen.

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