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It is possible to manually edit the Forefront TMG configuration, but it is only as a last resort short of rebuilding.

The best advice is still to create and store regular backups.

Imagine a rule that was created and then deleted but the entry was not successfully purged from AD-LDS.

This causes a conflict that prevents the configuration database from being loaded.

It is possible to restart the individual services, but a full reboot is recommended.

If you have the same symptoms, check the alert detail and see if the object is the same or a different one. If everything is working again, take the time to restore your last backup and overwrite the existing configuration.

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In Monitoring | Configuration, you may also see an error about not having synchronized since 1999/11/30.

The procedure that follows involves editing the registry and manually editing the AD-LDS database.

This should not be done unless all the actions are understood and the risk of further damage has been negated. It is also strongly advised that once the config is loading up, to restore from a last known good backup.

This topic provides information about how to configure a Network Load Balancing (NLB) array for Forefront UAG Direct Access servers.

Forefront UAG integrates NLB functionality provided by Windows Server 2008 R2, with additional functionality that enables load balancing of Forefront UAG Direct Access servers.

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