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On an old project, ~10 years ago and not Django based, we used a "bulk update" procedure that did: 1) Bulk-insert the new records into a temporary table 2) update in one statement using a join (SQL Server lets you do that) On hundreds of records, this was significantly faster than updating one-by-one (I no longer have access to any hard data, and it's irrelevant anyways).

Anyway, I suspect a better API would involve passing a collection of objects and selecting just the fields to update: https://github.com/aykut/django-bulk-update) which could/should be integrated into django core since we have a bulk_create and this corresponds well with the save (could be called bulk save if it makes sense).

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It is really becoming frustrating for me, Can somebody give an example with a makup page where few controls are and the values are entered in those controls by user. Table Name: Settings Id bigint not null, Name nvarchar(50) not null, value nvarchar(50) null I want to store total 25 records (settings).

Many thanks,,, IF 1-6 RECORDS comes from page 1 means how u stored that in table,do u maintain any Id for identify these records comes from this page? If it not so u should maintain a common Id for all pages.

EX: Update Table1 set value="somethng" where page Id=2 The above query can update multiple records at a single execution.. and Value is the actual value of the setting which defines it. Site Name = abcd.com, Are Comments Allowed = No, No Of Posts = 7 etc....

Thanks Hi, rajini, I am sorry not to answer so long, it is because my modem was out of order.

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Dispose() End If obj Da = Nothing If Not Is Nothing(obj Dt) Then obj Dt. t=9129 You can use SQLTransaction class to achieve it.

Dispose() obj Dt = Nothing End If End Try 'If int Ret Value = -1 Then ' bln Result = True 'Else If int Ret Value = 1 Then ' bln Result = False 'End If Return bln Result End Function Hello shopia...whever you want to call you save function....time you can pass the whole Datatable to you SQL call..... The SQLTransaction makes all the batch updates an ATOMIC process, i.e, it will either do a succesful update on all or fail.

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