Tvxq dating rumors

The two idols were rumored to be dating after Victoria uploaded a picture of her meal in February 2013.

In the picture, the reflection of the spoon shows a mans face, rumored to be Changmin.

I felt like all of the lyrics of this song expressed my feelings. I constantly thought about her even while I was working.

Even a little movement of her fingers was exactly how I felt.” He then explained that the relationship ended because the girl couldn’t understand the life of a busy celebrity.

He said that he had gone to the game with another friend, when he noticed Yoona sitting at a distance.

He approached and greeted her, but not before paparazzi could snap a couple of pictures of the moment.

Kim Jaejoong is also known as Jaejoong or Jejung, one of the original member of TVXQ. However, a South Korean model, Jaein, could be Kim Jaejoong’s girlfriend.

The photo in question shows a home-cooked meal of beef soup and fried radishes." And he/she replied "It's kinda blurry, so I don't have a proof of what I'm saying" Another netizen posted on his/her me2day and said "Dara and Hero Jaejoong is here at Amokka cafe" Their fans started to believe that it's true..We're just waiting for an official confirmation about this rumor.A spoon in the photo had a strange reflection on it.Netizens zoomed in on the spoon and identified Changmin in the spoon's reflection.IU admitted in a later interview that she uploaded it by mistake, yet neither IU nor Eunhyuk ever admitted or denied being in a relationship after that.For the longest time, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were involved in many dating scandals, since visiting each other has become almost second nature to both of them.A few days later, a netizen posted a status saying "I saw Dara and Jaejoong together at a coffee shop near our place!" others commented in the status and said "Do you have a photo of it?This scandal also remains a mystert as both sides’ agencies never releaseed any statements that confirmed or denied their relationship..Sung Joon played Suzy’s bodyguard in the drama and was seen “protecting” her in the pictures below with an arm around her shoulders.

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