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I thought his connections and his audience of "fratire"-loving schenanigans might be of value in spreading the word.During the process of getting him to agree to sync up on a phone call (which he suggested after a few emails back and forth – win!Tucker also asked for an equity stake of at least 1%, to even "start the discussion," which is something I said I couldn't agree to without at least having a good conversation with someone.

(His fratire-way of life seemed to be a with him at a minute on a site called, I truly thought this was genius for a man who commands so much attention.

In talking to Tucker, I became a victim of the overuse of "jargon," which Tucker related it to as, "not understanding the product," or "trying to hide behind the words." Like Jerry Maguire, "who had I become?

" (Conversely, if I didn't use terms like "SEO" with a Silicon Valley investor, I would probably have my meeting be cut short.) Then, when it came time for me to ask Tucker some questions on what I wanted out of him, I was flatly rebuffed for asking about his relationships with his current startups, his experiences, and how he's been able to help them grow.

Plus, for a guy who normally bills a minute, I thought it would just be best if we cut to the chase.

So after a bit of silence, I asked, "where do you want to start?

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