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From my experience doing readings for people, I created a list of things to try and be aware of when meeting potential partners on the Internet.

These things would help us assess whether or not a person could be trusted; whether it was friends you had in common, or a community where you might be aware of a person’s “reputation.” While I’m not advocating listening to gossip, I would suggest that a person’s reputation within a given community can give you a “heads up” as to how that person is perceived by others.

Yet we should always be cautious, most especially as communication technology can put the process of finding a partner on hyperdrive.

It’s tempting to spend hours communicating with someone you’ve never met who may tell you all the things you want to hear.

The problem is that none of the folksy phrases telling us to trust our instincts explain what an "instinctive hunch" looks like.

On top of this, we spend our whole lives being taught to override our intuition. And learning how to see through a thought-based reaction to the instinct beneath it is a powerful way to steer yourself toward a happy, healthy life.

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