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2) Be interested in sharing details of your personal life and learn more about your date If you don’t open up and show them who you really are, how are they going to get to know you?Further, why would they share things about themselves if you don’t? God’s ultimate plan for the world is to bring everything together in Christ. His ultimate plan for each of us is that we be reconciled to God through Christ (Colossians , 22; Romans –26) and that we be transformed day by day to be more like Christ (2 Corinthians ; Romans , 30). Many people pursue relationships as the solution to their problems, such as insecurity, loneliness, lust, lack of direction or bad self-image. (Note: Dating non-Christians is a problem if you haven’t clearly decided what you want to be in your relationship with Christ.God is not going to ask at the judgment, “Were you married? ” Dating and even marriage may or may not contribute to God’s goal for you. It is easy for many to want marriage more than God, and so they are willing to compromise.Men should try to avoid looking too casual and turn up as if they have just come from the beach. 5) Don’t reveal everything about yourself on the first date Half the fun of dating is getting to know the person.

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Live the relationship day by day and try to not evaluate it too frequently. Jealousy is a key sign of our desire to possess another rather than to release. Develop many lines of communication with your friend, especially in the areas of dialogue, problem solving, mutual interests, awareness of each other’s daily living patterns and habits, emotions, affection, service to others, spiritual life and family relationships. Sexual expression is a powerful form of communication and should be carefully limited in order to allow other areas to develop.

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We love to be around people who inspire us and what is more inspiring than being with someone who is passionate about their work, their hobby or anything at all.

Excited people are interesting and we are drawn to learn more.

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