Symantec endpoint protection client not updating virus definitions

I’m currently working in a Citrix Xen Desktop environment with pooled, non-persistent desktops.

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Porter is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in information technology from George Mason University.Most Live Update errors can be resolved following basic troubleshooting steps.The Symantec knowledge base contains solutions to common Live Update error codes. If connection to either website fails, check Internet cables and settings.As an alternative, the Anti-Virus Definition Update Task Wizard can be used to deploy arbitrary definition files for supported Anti-Virus applications.This is useful if you wish to deploy a definition update that is different from the current definition file supported in the Fixlet content.EXAMPLE Migrate-SEPDefinition Folders -Catalog Name XD7_TEST -Delivery Controller XD7-CDC-001 -Credential DOMAIN\XDAdmin Retreives the VM's in catalog XD7_TEST from Delivery Controller XD7-CDC-001 as user DOMAIN\XDAdmin.The online VM's will be processed first, after which the offline VM's will be powered on and processed with a maximum of 10 at a time.Since a non-persistent desktop loses all updates after a reboot the Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) clients’ virus definitions also resets to the moment you last updated the definition files in your image.This means that, each day since the last v Disk version, the client will have to re-download all definition files after every reboot.This way you can migrate your test VM’s first, without touching your production catalogs.If you do want to process all VM’s in one run just use an asterisk (*) for the Catalog Name parameter.

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