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A sensor counts each movement of wrist to mouth and vibrates and flashes red if you leave less than ten seconds between bites.It links via Bluetooth to an app that will give you feedback and helps you track meal duration and number of bites over time.: There’s enough evidence to support the idea that slower eating helps reduce calorie intake; it creates mindful eating habits and gives the brain extra time to receive the ‘I’m full’ message from the stomach, so the theory makes sense.The cartridges, which you buy separately, have different flavoured liquids inside, such as chocolate or mint.The idea is you suck in a mist of the flavour when you crave a sweet snack.This, in turn, activates a part of your brain called the hypothalamus, an area that helps regulate appetite and metabolism.The maker claims that wearing the device while sitting for an hour a day helps reset your ‘set point’ (the weight your body likes to ‘settle’ at) by stimulating the production of the hormone leptin, which helps curb hunger.There’s no peer-reviewed evidence to back up the claims.One small study showed 15 subjects who used this for 16 weeks saw a 2 to 14 per cent reduction in abdominal fat, but I’ve read nothing to really prove to me that Modius works. Slow Control 10s Fork, £35, This electronic fork aims to slow down your eating, and the maker cites research saying that slower eaters consume 11 per cent fewer calories at a meal.

Malory Band, £28, You secure the unstretchable, hard-wearing polyester cord around your tummy with a button, making it the right size for you (the manufacturer provides comprehensive advice about how to do this).Eating better and exercising more were this year’s most popular New Year resolutions, according to a You Gov poll.Yet few of us expect to stick to our good intentions: a Bupa survey found that half us think we won’t actually achieve our 2018 goals, weight loss or otherwise.1/10Lite Bite Portion Control Cutlery, £11.95, This stainless steel knife, fork and spoon set is a reduced size — the amount you can fit on the head of the fork or scoop with the spoon is about half the normal amount, forcing you to take smaller mouthfuls.Created primarily to help people who have had weight-loss surgery and cannot fit much food in their stomach, the maker says the cutlery also encourages mindful eating (where you savour food).Kitchen Safe, from £44.95, uk If you are struggling to resist your favourite food, or have already eaten too much, you can lock it away in this safe for later.Available in three sizes, the Kitchen Safe looks a bit like a Tupperware box and has a timer on the lid you can set (for between one minute to ten days) and then press to lock.Civilized Glass, £36, Modelled on an invention by Pythagoras made around 2,500 years ago, the secret of this ‘civilised’ glass is the siphon structure in the middle.When you keep the level of wine in the glass below the top of the siphon (a maximum of approximately 250ml, or a third of a bottle of wine), all is well. The best strategies to cut down on alcohol, and the calorie content in it, are to use small glasses, not accept top-ups, and intersperse alcoholic drinks with water.The maker claims the aromas from the flavour are sensed by smell receptors in the nose, conveying satiety messages to the appetite control centre of the brain, reducing sugar cravings.: This is an interesting product, but I need more convincing.The maker produces some research evidence that smelling foods can cause weight reduction, but unfortunately the research did not use the Slissie product.

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