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A great resume is written with a specific job goal in mind.It should be tailored for each job application by showcasing your most valuable and relevant skills in a way that positions you as an ideal candidate for the job you want.Key categories to consider: (1) physical skills (standing, walking, lifting, bending); (2) learned skills (equipment proficiency, industry experience); (3) job duties (hours, travel, shifts, location); and (4) behavioral skills (communication, ). Review job descriptions periodically to ensure they accurately reflect the employee’s responsibility.Amend the document anytime an employee’s duties change, and review those amendments with the employee.Recent case: For most of the year, city worker Roger Duello drove a dump truck. When he had a seizure, his driving privileges were suspended, including his license to drive dump trucks. Instead of a general term like “,” say the person needs “the ability to communicate company policies to nonmanagerial groups in person and in writing.” Instead of saying the position “requires heavy lifting,” say it requires the ability to lift 25 pounds repeatedly overhead 10 times per hour while stacking inventory.Duello took and requested one of two accommodations: either more leave or a transfer to a job with no driving. It reasoned that Duello couldn’t perform any of the essential functions listed in his job description without a license and, therefore, wasn’t qualified for his position. Begin with action verbs in the present tense, such as supervise, inspect, produce, organize, motivate, educate, administer, compose, analyze and repair.By reviewing job description examples, you’ll be able to identify what technical and soft skills, credentials, and work experience matter most to an employer in your target field.

Without a job description, the court may decide for itself which functions are essential.unless they and the employees both know what you expect.Job descriptions can also be useful tools in court.Use the sample job descriptions that match titles in your work history to beef up your professional resume’s Employment History section.Click on the following link to learn how to use these job listings to brag about your experience.As a job seeker, you are required to advertise your qualifications and professional reputation — in other words, your personal brand— to employers and recruiters in your desired field online, in person, and on paper.One of the most important documents you’ll need to update or create for this process is your professional resume.Make sure you have job descriptions for all employees’ positions.Then keep those descriptions updated whenever the duties change. 10-2061, 8th Cir.) Use specific and clear language.Second, these sample job descriptions will help you decide which of your current qualifications should be highlighted throughout your professional resume and cover letter.And finally, you can use example job descriptions to find the right words to describe the roles and responsibilities you held in each job listed in your work history.

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