Stop being intimidating

Most importantly, the story that you’re telling yourself in your mind about how scary they are, isn’t real.Even though your insecurities are trying to convince you otherwise.much more powerful than we think, and the key to our happiness is to consistently remember that fact. How often do we give away our power by allowing our insecurities to create insane stories in our mind about other people?I believe that in most cases, the feeling of intimidation has nothing to do with the person who intimidates us. How many people experience near-paralyzing fear and nervousness when they’re introduced to the CEO of their company (or any other high-profile person) because they believe that they’re not good enough to be communicating with her?

This is likely due in some part to the various social and moral pressures against feeling better than others that I mentioned at the outset.Case in point: A couple of years ago, I was asked to give a class to a group of “interpersonally challenged” physicians on how to effectively communicate with their nursing staff. Let’s just say that I wasn’t warmly received when I walked into the room.I was greeted with folded arms, rude comments, piercing stares, dismissive sighs, scowling, and eye-rolling that followed every word that came out of my mouth.We all know of many ways that powerful people can hurt others deliberately.But sometimes powerful people hurt others inadvertently because they underestimate their power and do careless things which cause harms they never expected, and sometimes never notice even after the fact.I'm a corporate trainer, incurable optimist, and writer who is committed to changing the world by helping as many people as possible to live and work more positively.Click on the "About" link on the main menu bar to get the full scoop on my story.I don’t care if it’s the CEO of your company, your dream girl/guy, or even a group of strangers in the audience at your upcoming presentation during the next staff meeting.The key is to remember (and believe) this: When you walk into the same room with them, Unfortunately, there are some less-than-positive characters out there who actually enjoy intimidating other people.In life, there will always be scary situations to overcome, comfort zones that need to expand in order for us to grow, and self-love that needs to be constantly reinforced in order for us to fully experience the best that life has to offer.None of the above can happen as long as we continue to listen to the wimpy voice that’s inside of all of us, saying that Hi, my name is Shola and I'm the founder of The Positivity Solution.

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