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She and Matty have plenty in common - they are both of a similar age, live in Sydney, and are keen to have children soon.The Sydney-based jewellery designer was the first to be pulled aside for a chat during the season premiere's cocktail party.She tells Daily Mail Australia she has been staying at her sister's home - however her sister lives in nearby inner Sydney suburb Paddington - Matty J posts a picture of himself at the snow on Instagram, claiming that he has enjoyed a weekend at Thredbo, located south of Sydney - But the Bachelor heartthrob was wearing the same ski gear he wore in earlier photos posted to Instagram in July - suggesting the photo was a 'decoy'- He also did not have any ski gear with him when Daily Mail Australia pictured him arriving back at his Bondi home on Sunday night The driver then took Laura to Richmond, in the Hawkesbury area at the foot of the Blue Mountains.The car drove erratically, making a U-turn on a main road and running through several red lights.Fans believed this was a reference to an earlier comment made by Matty in a Popsugar interview last year.The then-Bachelorette contestant had stated his ideal woman would be good at reverse parking.

Laura bears a striking physical resemblance to Georgia Love, who left Matty heartbroken when she chose Lee Elliot over him on The Bachelorette last year.At 10pm on Sunday, Laura returned to her Sydney home after her weekend away, carrying an overnight bag and wearing the same outfit she left in on Friday.As she made her way inside, the jewellery designer told Daily Mail Australia she had been staying at her sister's home that weekend.Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it noticds so much of the world around us.Privacy We got serious in From our Word of the Year announcement:.While Matty tagged himself at Thredbo Resort, south of Sydney, and Laura said she was in Queenstown, New Zealand, fans speculated they could be lying about their location.In August, Matty shared a photo of himself and mother Ellie with the oddly-framed photo appearing to crop someone out of the frame.Followers quickly began commenting that the Bachelor hunk had his other arm around series winner Laura. Earlier this year, Matty shared a photo of himself and mother Ellie, with the oddly-framed photo appearing to crop someone out of the frame.Meanwhile, other contestants have appeared to point to the designer being the winner, with evicted Jennifer Hawke commenting on an Instagram photo of Laura and Matty last month.'Is it bad that I actually think you guys are the cutest? Eagle-eyed fans have also speculated that Laura had 'hinted' she is the winner.In June, Laura changed her Instagram bio to say she was the 'Queen of reverse parking'.

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