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They both told us the same thing, “Online dating doesn’t work.” Both of these women…Holly in our facebook group – Modern Romance for Professional Women ( asked the following question….. Believe it or not, the people you’re dating are looking you up.Question: “What do you do when you are emailing back and forth with a guy on an online dating site and it feels like you have to pull teeth to get them to talk? Dating can be sexy and alluring…drawing you in with the promise to deliver you the DREAM you have for your love life. We once had a client who couldn’t figure out why she was having…It seems like every day there is some hot new trend or fad. We told this client we need to change how she is thinking about soulmates before she can find…Common Relationship Problems & Challenges What are common relationship problems and challenges? Are they a sign you are with the wrong person or that you need to fix something? Our son, Mason, had Friday through Monday off…Valentine’s Day is one of those events that leads people to lose their freaking minds.She is smart, attractive, driven, and successful at most things in life.Lose weight Try more night cream Become a…“I rejected the WRONG guy!” Yesterday we were on a live call with our awesome, kick a$$, women’s group. Every week, sharing wins is an important part of this call. What place do you…“I’m just so sick and tired of feeling like it will NEVER happen for me.” We hear this a lot.Today on our live call with our clients we laid out a specific system for…During Summer 2017, two AMAZING women reached out to us. We met for an hour a week…every week it felt like we…It can seem like no matter what you do you aren’t any closer to meeting the right person or having the relationship you want. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard you try it always feel like your back at square one.They were both equally frustrated, disheartened, and even feeling a bit hopeless about when or if they would ever find the love of their life. Your love…If you had a bad day and are just venting, we recommend you vent in a private journal and not on a public facebook post.

Today we are going to talk about how to make decisions in your love life. We made an offer for these women to join our program if they needed help getting a different result.When she first called us, she was 46 years old and had pretty much been single her entire life.She chose to reach out to us for help because she recently had a medical condition that required surgery.…A single, beautiful, successful woman asked us “How can I be what he wants? You could easily follow the random tips and strategies out there to turn yourself into what the media says that a man wants.…..Your intuition is your only compass and you’re going to have to let it steer all the way.Step out into dating prepared for an adventure, with a single aim, as the real you, giving your intuition its head and you will reach relationship enlightenment. [Image: via Ariadna Bruna on flickr] About the Author: Guest Contributor Meet Mindful is the first online dating site to serve the mindful lifestyle.Have you ever BELIEVED without a shadow of a doubt that one of these “hot” trends was BAD for people? We thought Atkins diet was for sure going to clog people’s arteries and lead to…Online Dating Training on Friday 9am pacific/12 Eastern in our facebook group – Modern Romance for Professional Women.Go here to join the group: The Man You Want in 5 Simple Steps In this Free Online Training Dr. Michael Arn will teach you how to…Our client, Leslie (pseudonym) wanted to meet someone the old fashioned way.Pack lightly however, for this is the minimalist trip of a lifetime—decide to enjoy it!Having got your conscious thought into the zone about the forthcoming experience, there’s now just minimalist approach that will work for you: you’ve got to hit the dating streets with totally blinkered vision for the only thing that really matters to you—finding your soulmate.Wanting to be found attractive, likable, lovable are pressure enough, but throw in the heart’s cry for finding your soulmate on top of this and the dating stakes can seem very daunting indeed. Your attitude can be your safety net if you can find the head space to be open to new experiences.Sure, your emotions are screaming that you want to find someone great and gorgeous, like Finding your soulmate is not a one-shot event you can pin down with any kind of accuracy, understand you’re signing up for fun experiences, interesting lessons and a crazy adventure along the way.

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