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AUDIO VERSION: You Tube Podbean Peppering worship songs with references to Scripture is a very popular tradition with Christians.

Quoting the Bible makes us feel, well, more Christian.

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You can hardly miss account after account of Yahweh piling up the corpses because those idolatrous twerps just would not respect Him.

Of course he claims that the Holy Spirit inspired him to write it.

Well, no, the Holy Spirit knows His Scriptures far too well to put this mess together.

And since worship is supposed to be about you pleasing God, it is not okay for you to just launch into a bunch of thoughtless words while you totally disregard His feelings.

When Yahweh talks about wanting righteousness from His people in the Bible, He means that He wants them to sincerely care about honoring Him. It is not a word you should just be flinging around with no concern for how you are using it.

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