Single and fed up dating online

I believe I speak for many of us who are disappointed in the online dating.How many hours have we wasted searching and reading profiles? So, I have decided to get some of the local guys and gals (age group of 40's - 60's, preferably nonsmokers) together to form a singles meetup group.After weeks of contact with someone I would eventually agree to meet them.Looking forward to the date and believing this could be ‘The One’, more often than not I was let down when I found they looked completely different to their online photo.It feels like no one believes in the ‘one at a time’ approach anymore and everyone thinks they’re some sort of reality TV star navigating contestants’ row.

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It’s the most messed up thing I’ve ever encountered.(Free 90 day trial period.)2017 - update - We have several members who are dating, and two of our former members JUST GOT MARRIED in February 2017! And, please note, in order to become a member you MUST have a recent photo of YOURSELF, not of a beautiful sunset or your dog.We need to know what our members look like, so that when they come to their first meetup, we know who we are looking for!She first discovered her passion for writing at the age of 10 when she began filling notebooks with poetry.She's a cliche lover of wine, sushi, all things Parisian and spiking her coffee with Baileys.If someone thinks it’s okay to duck out of someone’s life wordlessly in order to avoid uncomfortable conversations, they’re seriously warped and need to grow the hell up. A lot of guys can’t talk to me with any level of respect.So many guys are completely incapable of having a conversation with me without making some sort of sexual references or blatantly talking about their penises.Some days, I feel like a gnawing dental surgery would be infinitely better than playing hide and seek in searching for a guy that actually wants and isn’t afraid of commitment.There’s always some BS excuse like he’s “not ready” or he’s just “seeing what’s out there” or “doesn’t have the time for a relationship.” How can I care about dating when most of the time, it leads to a dead-end?I set the company up due to my experiences as a past member of online dating agencies and sites.I was single for most of my 30s and became frustrated and drained by spending hours online trawling through hundreds of profiles, virtual winks and kisses.

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