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Applicants who have no local connection with the borough who are Armed services, former armed forces personnel or their bereaved spouse/partner who need to move urgently and have either an assessed housing need because of a serious injury, medical condition or disability sustained as a result of their service or are no longer entitled to reside in Ministry of Defence accommodation due to retirement, honourable discharge or redundancy.

Applicants who are care leavers and who have been referred by Surrey Children Services and who are assessed as ready to move into independent settled housing and have the life skills to manage a tenancy will be included in Band C until they are within 12 months of having to leave their care placement.

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This includes applicants without access at all to any of the following facilities: kitchen, bathroom, inside WC, hot or cold water supplies, electricity, gas or adequate heating.Applicants in each application category will then be placed in one of five bands ranging from A (highest need) to E (lowest) which reflects their housing need in accordance with the ‘reasonable preference categories’ in the Housing Act 1996 Part 6 and the Council’s local priorities for housing allocation.The position in that band will be determined by the band date and then the registration date.Waiting time in each band ensures that once assessed applicants will gradually move up towards the top of the band.One of the main aims of the new policy is to prevent homelessness by placing certain high need waiting list applicants in in the same priority band as homeless applicants who are living in temporary accommodation.Applicants will first be placed into an application category of either: a homeless, waiting list or transfer applicant.Applicants in each category will only be able to bid on properties advertised in the corresponding category.This will balance the needs of homeless households, waiting list applicants and existing local transfer tenants.A Banding Scheme ranks together applicants with different but equal housing need.Band A will also be given where current housing conditions and/or other circumstances are having such a major serious adverse effect on the medical condition of any member of the household as to warrant emergency priority.Extreme Disrepair Priority - Households whose accommodation is assessed as being in extreme disrepair (Closure /Demolition Order) by the Council’s Environmental Health Officer and the Council are satisfied that the problem cannot be resolved by the landlord within a reasonable timescale and continued occupation will pose a very serious risk to the applicant health.

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