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Two of the all-wheel-drive Panamera Turbo Sport Turismos used in the operation – including mine – were turbo-charged 4.0 litre V8 petrol versions linked to and eight-speed automatic gear-box and developing 550 horse-power, equivalent to the pulling power of five Ford Fiestas.

Acceleration from 0 to to 62 mph is a blistering 3.6 seconds, hitting 100mph in just over 8 seconds, up to a top speed of 188mph.

For while stealing vast quantities gold bullion is a staple of block-busters and movies – from the ’Italian Job’ to James Bond’s ‘Goldfinger in Ian Fleming’s book and big screen outing - it’s also a high risk in real-life.

The infamous Brinks-Mat robbery at Heathrow in November 1983 saw a record £26million of gold bullion (worth an estimated £500million today) stolen from a warehouse.

Although many of the gang behind it were convicted, the majority of the stolen gold was never recovered.

Ironically, the top secret route – past the Tower of London, Waterloo Station, and the High Court - had to be tweaked to avoid Blackfriars Bridge because Hollywood actor Tom Cruise was shooting the next ‘Mission Impossible’ film there.

The company, which refines gold for clients around the world, completed what is currently the single biggest collection of gold bars in London after inviting Porsche to assist with the daunting job of transporting the shipment.

Because of the prompt and accurate search function on this website, which includes information dating back to 1909, and covering 23 counties, Iowa residents are ensured the right to contribute to that commitment.

Just in case I and my co-driver took a right when I should have made a left.

The Brinks-Mat security man in the back seat was an added disincentive.

Bullion merchants Baird&Co had stipulated that each of the standard production cars for the job had to be capable of carrying four adults – the driver, a radio operator and specialist security – and have the load capacity to house two specially-designed gold bullion crates that, when containing gold bars, weigh more than 160kg.

Porsche said: ‘Despite the cargo, they also needed to retain significant reserves of performance for the gold’s rapid journey through Central London.’Security was rightly a concern.

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