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Biram, Eddie Spaghetti, Whitey Morgan & the 78's, Ha Ha Tonka, Lydia Loveless, Ben Weaver, Maggie Bjorklund, Waco Brothers and the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir.

Other performers include: Jon Langford & the Skull Orchard, Scott H.

anyway, i'm kidding, kinda, maybe it's just brainwashing. conspiracies may sound crazy when taken individually but when you think of it as a puzzle there are places for every piece. that's the real picture no one wants to see instead they stare at reality tv. it just is, the right wing is able to support it's own kind, so they do.

i hope you bought lots of peanut butter cause it's about to get really pricey. not gay not women not christian not black not white not anything except divine beings. but because of me bein me, and i cant help it, i'm older and i want to tell you things. sometimes my friends say, hey, can we talk about something else? now, when i say republicans, don't think i am a democrat!

and have you talked to someone at a corp like a bank, and they have no emotion? X band members continue to keep busy in the off-time. exene Latest From Exene (8/3/11) he's the designated martyr the friend who will go down first from drugs or risk or gun. will we be locked inside our houses, afraid of each other, afraid to be seen? blows up the building in oslo, two hours later, shows up on an island by boat or by van, depending on story, the prime minister and the former pm, involved, labour party event for young people, 700 of them, he walks in wearing a police uniform, etc, shoots endlessly, murders 90 , how the hell did he pull that off? two hours after the terrorist bombing, and he just cruises over to the island, there's no security, cops, military? for the first time in our nation's history, the white male has joined the ranks. can any of us just sit around playin virtual reality at this moment in history?

Throughout the September/October dates only, the film, recently included in the prestigious Sundance Film Institute Independent film archives, will run in its entirety on screen before the band hits the stage to perform, track by track, the Los Angeles album. and then today, a young whiter-than-white male does, the unthinkable, the impossible. after i watched the little film last night, i knew we were being set up for a new enemy.

i play there a lot but i never have any free time so i went for a few days to see friends. at long beach airport, the tsa guy looked at my id and my ticket then glared at me and then looked at my id again then glared at me and said, "you changed your hair color". first, the id photo is me w dark brown hair, i have medium brown hair now, same exact haircut!!! i used to get freaked out by fascist kinda border crossing stuff, but now i just laugh inside. watched pres obama's speech and i sure found that compelling. what he said, in effect was, the govt must agree on this budget by august 2nd. when a reporter asked what the contingency plans were in case it doesn't happen by the 2nd, he said, it will. what if the republicans, especially because the elections are coming up, refuse to agree to taxes for the wealthy and the corporations and the elite?

Billed as the "Xmas Rock n Roll Revival" the original four X band members will be joined by the gospel duo, Sean Wheeler and Zander Schloss, and Rock N Roll rebels, The Black Tibetans, for the December 9 start of the tour in Phoenix AZ, winding up in San Francisco on New Year's Eve. a land where maize is plentiful, and monsanto corn cannot invade. a place where children learn longhand, sewing, reading, and most of all, conflict resolution. it's getting harder to find, but once in a while we do get some help. it didn't take long for the unified agenda to pop up after the last elections. they, and i do mean THEY, manufactured this mess out of their love of money, the root of all evil. i doubt the tsa guy could have pronounced my last name so how does he know if i answered right. just doin the weirdest things and saying weird things, like they want people to react. goin to the Tenderloin National Forest, one of the best places to see there! Viewers will be able to pay whatever they want for the download in order to view and a portion of the proceeds from “Bad Day” are going to Gulf Coast aid organizations that help the people affected in the Gulf region. then, i was asked to pronounce my last name, "cervenka" which i could also do! exene Latest From Exene (7/14/11) northern california trees waterfall red-tailed hawks hiking love friends great visit. the redwoods are almost all cut down, so if you haven't seen those, now's the time! tomorrow i'm headed to san francisco, i'm making a doc about a friend of mine. Also appearing in the film are Doug Knott, Chris Desjardins, Jenny Aust, Julie Christensen, Gigi Blair, Gil T, Paul Greenstein and the late Peter Haskell.5/11/12 - Use Promotional code Event1203 when you click here to save .00 when you buy two or more May 19th Exene's Moonlight Hootenanny tickets. like the guy who came to my house to put in the smart meter. good afternoon ma'am, i'm here to install your new meter. and even when you grow to hate and reject all of it, it's still there, everywhere you turn. You can also preorder the cd as a bundle, with t-shirts made for the album. Latest From Exene (10/19/11) maybe why unemployment is so high, higher than the tv says, is because we are being replaced with androids. even the mccarthy era was based on hatred of russia and and it's communism. well there's behavioral observers trying to figure that out right now. we are funneled down these straight line paths, assailed on both sides, behind us, in front of us, with corporate propaganda. there is still a moon, some stars, the sun ("strange days have found us"). all of the involved parties were smiling and shaking hands and congratulating themselves on a job well done! and then they faded away, and the corporate monetary system was propped up and fed more power once again. one of the things standing in the way of our freedom is the mainstream media. the THEY obviously know something we don't know concerning the future. the THEY think we are gonna go crazy and violent, i wonder why? royals in l.a., prince william and i don't know what she is, princess, duchess, lady, kate, is she a commoner, like us? maybe so many sightings recently of similar craft, the white orbs, are indications of space entities comin here to get a first row seat at the event. why so purposefully, systematically, this behavior? the intellectual interpretation of cosmic beings changes, but the images and experiences are ancient. maybe the elites are scared because they know these beings are coming back? and they just want to live it up until the ship goes down. men have had to endure all this fighting and dying for the people in power. we are not responsible for what americans did then, many of us just got here! it was so strong, it was an energy that we all wondered at. our egos played a role, no matter how much we hated the corporations, they were impossible to completely escape. reality, being subjective, and me being somewhat general, i'm saying, we were trying to wake people up. they don't understand what's happening and they don't know what's real. that gps on the car guy that the fbi tracked without a warrant, the supreme court is going to decide if that's legal. king john, he of the magna carta and also robin hood's enemy. Exene is playing Friday 3/18 at pmat the Yard Dog party (1510 S. DON'T OBEY king james I still king, 400 year anniversary of his bible. i'm sure the homeless will be impressed, it will probably turn their lives right around! so they might have to get strict with us, or maybe they think this is all very funny. i want to stay focused on what's happening now and where that's headed. but i've wondered for 30 years WHY, why, the people in power were in such a race to the end! we have to amass and hoard all the resources on the planet, using the labor of the people, to attain something, by some date. do the bushes and clintons and obamas eat gmo corn and wood fibers in their fast food, don't the superstars walk and breathe beneath chemtrails and lithium, aren't their children going to suffer from cancer and immune disorders and unhappiness and loss like ours will? but no earthly technology that advanced is known to have existed at the time of ancient sightings. and anyone old enough to know better, wow, it's worse than anything out there i think. why would you want to encourage sociopathic tendencies in that particular group? we drove through slowly, it was like going through an old time christmas scene. anarchy is the break-down of society, and eventually, civilization. i wanted punk to be enlightenment and resurrection. it felt a lot like magic, that's all i can compare it to! it seems to be just gobbling more and more and becoming the real honest to goodness, one world govt. most people still ridicule and direct anger at the messenger. those are the results of hard work, desperate work, tortuous searching, endless asking, conversations and critical thinking. young people have been imprisoned in a virtual world. free from unreasonable search and seizure and invasion of privacy and we have rights!! she discovered all presidents but one, martin van buren, are related to the same english king. every summer, my sister mary and mom and dad would have to go down to the basement when there was a tornado warning. that happened three or four times, maybe every summer. our area got hit with tornadoes, the land was flat in every direction. that one tornado was the only one i ever got a good look at. we were poor, what can i say, it was something interesting. The latest T-shirts from Exene and Moonlight Graham are in! a recent telescope image showed a ribbon of gas or particles or glowing space dust at the galactic center. if the global economy doesn't collapse if the radiation and poison don't kill us first if the world calms down and stops swallowing us whole if the powerful don't infect us with a bug or a chip or bombard us with magnetic waves that drive us mad or underground, if the aliens are more than tourists coming here to witness our demise and also not in cahoots with THEY then we will see that sun. love sf, and the spirit there of community is only getting stronger. saw black rainbow play, and it was a show at a bowling alley. i wish i never had to think about or talk about sad bad stuff. the They are racing faster and faster toward their golden finish line. i am sure they are being told not to dare raise those taxes. anyway, what happens if this intractable situation does not resolve as the pres said it must? in december 2012, earth passes through the galactic center. it's so ridiculous, it can't be happenin, some of this stuff. those are the people that put said republicans in power! it would be their political careers, their power, wealth, influence, why, even their families could lose their seats in the ark! or whatever fantastic things these politicians have been promised. we are saved, republicans give in, and agree to tax the elites! he says is there a reason why you have not made your payment? The band will also be celebrating the 26th Anniversary of the rock-umentary, X: The Unheard Music. Just prior to the South American tour, X will take to the road in September for a series of dates across the U. This year X celebrates the 31st Anniversary of the legendary album, Los Angeles, one that not only defined their career, but an entire musical genre as well. he patted my heart and said you have a heart, you have a heart! you'll need him more than a stockbroker, lawyer, or boss. it doesn't matter how we ended up adrift in the middle of the ocean.

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