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I might also consider taking a class on human organization or communications.I saw first-hand how important good communication is by watching Kids Alive employees communicating goals and ideas between each other and across languages.I also took three years of Spanish in high school and figured I would be able to quickly pick up enough Spanish to communicate on a basic level with those I met.

The children who come to class are given at least one meal each school day.

I helped two of the teachers with a 4 grade class in the afternoon, mostly handing out supplies and acting as entertainment—though I did teach a little bit of math some days.

Two other girl teaching interns and I stayed in a house in the richer part of the village, so after school on some days we would try to play with the kids around us or visit with neighbors.

But when just enough things lined up in just the right way, it was hard to keep pushing through and see what my purpose was in the Dominican Republic.

I am very results driven, and I want my time and life to be used very effectively; but in this setting this wasn’t always possible.

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