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Therefore, unlike earlier versions of Microsoft Exchange where IT administrators had to perform multiple procedures to lock down their servers that were running Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 2010 requires no lock-down or hardening.

Exchange 2010 was developed using Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) principles.

This guide is written for the IT administrator responsible for securing the Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 deployment and is designed to help the IT administrator understand and manage the overall security environment where Exchange is installed.

In the past, for each version of Microsoft Exchange, the Exchange team has published stand-alone security hardening guides with permission and security information.

If you are running servers that aren't connected to the Internet, you can install Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) to manage the distribution of updates to computers in your organization.

However, starting with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Setup enables only those services that are required by the server role that's being installed.

For more information about Microsoft security releases, processes, communications and tools, see the Microsoft Security Update Guide.

As mentioned in an earlier section, running Microsoft Update is a best practice.

Generally, running analyzer tools periodically and keeping software and antivirus signatures files up to date are the most effective ways to optimize your Exchange 2010 environment for security.

Microsoft Update is a service that offers the same downloads as Microsoft Windows Update—plus the latest updates for other Microsoft programs.

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