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“Family Ties” actress Meredith Baxter will make a public appearance joining the prestigious panel of celesbians and entertainment luminaries that will grace the catwalk in support of the LGBT community’s fight for equality.

Having so many college friends in LA made the move a lot easier.” Shortly after Emily’s move to Los Angeles, Mamet created The Unit (2006-2009) and brought her on as a writer.

“With my time on the Lampoon, I was always interested in the comedy space,” says Emily, “but I really enjoyed being in the drama world, and I got to work for David Mamet, Shawn Ryan and some really great people. “I wanted to be on SNL,” Sarah confides, “and I knew that a lot of people started at Second City and i.

Emily Halpern AB ‘02, sitting across from her in their adjoining offices at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, agrees.

“The early brainstorming and outlining stages, we do together, just sitting with coffee and talking—kind of like this.” “Some light complaining, a little brainstorming,” Sarah quips.

Emily, a Massachusetts native, made the cross-country move to Los Angeles to pursue writing after graduation.

“There’s a lot of Harvard people [in Los Angeles] and a great network.

Dona Le '05 “Writing’s fun,” declares Sarah Haskins AB ‘01.

At Harvard, Sarah hewed closely to her Chicago roots and joined the Immediate Gratification Players, Harvard’s improv comedy troupe.

Emily wrote for the Lampoon and worked part-time for David Mamet.

This writing duo, co-creators of the ABC show Trophy Wife (2013-2014), met while they were Harvard undergraduates and Emily was dating one of Sarah’s friends.

They didn’t know that ten years later, they would be successful writing partners, producers, and showrunners in Hollywood.

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