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Mapping Texas and the Gulf Coast The Contributions of Saint-Denis, Oliván and Le Maire by Jack Jackson, Robert S.Weddle and Winston De Ville with a Foreword by Jay Higginbotham [author of Fort Maurepas & Old Mobile] - [NEW - softcover published at .00] Price: .95Note: This invaluable book provides the history of the period [1714-1717] as well as the maps.

Not a biography in the conventional sense, Avery O.

Over the 7,500-year history of the modern Mississippi River delta, however, it was just another splay deposit.

Author Darwin Spearing explains the geologic forces behind the formation of the delta, shedding light on the human struggle to control the powerful river that breaches its own levees and switches its own deltas.

Other entries cover: meteorological instruments, such as Doppler radar and barometers; named hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones in an A-to-Z format; descriptions of storm activity by region; meteorological terms, such as advection, isobar, and the firefly effect; and the role of animals as harbingers of weather to come.

Christopher Columbus by John Stewart Collis - Price: .95 Excellent History and map showing the 4 voyages round the Caribbean and Central America.

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