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Selma Blair, who played Hellboy's quasi-love interest Liz in the first two movies, is heartbroken that director Guillermo del Toro isn't involved in the upcoming film, yet still hopes the film finds success. "So part of us, the ones that were so loyal to Guillermo, our hearts are broken that it didn't work out with the greatest third installment ever written that I wish I could play more than anything in the world.But I truly hope that Mike Mignola has his vision out there for the darker Far more than just a job, director del Toro lived and breathed Hellboy, making the films passion projects above all else.Every time science tries to remove it, the lustrous metal shard magically grows a millimetre or two, further menacing the hero’s heart.This is more than a literal danger, for Hellboy is in love with another paranormal being, the beautiful and fiery Liz, by this point in the film known to be carrying his babies in her womb.It doesn’t take too much effort to move from that stage further to question who is the enemy? Where-else and when-else might we have made that same mistake before?Anyone who saw Pan’s Labyrinth will recognise in Hellboy II the imaginative world of Guillermo del Toro: a world of beautiful fear and the monstrously beautiful, where our fantasies of childish innocence morph and skitter alarmingly into the bizarre and the terrifying, where the mutable and the ambiguous play over the surface of harsh political facts.

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Del Toro has always bounced back and forth between genres, creating ghost stories, monster movies .

I got to make two - that’s two more than I thought I would get to make …

Selma Blair slipped into a sexy black jumpsuit for Saturday's LA premiere of Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

These are released from the forgotten or repressed realm of the unconscious to scuttle around safe, urbane Manhattan with the speed and agility of cockroaches, the fearsomeness of scorpions and the rapacity of locusts.

They are just one of the numerous reasons (an angry elf reminds us in the first fifteen minutes) why we used to be scared of the dark, until we forgot about the existence of that other, shrouded, shapeless world from which Hellboy and the other demons-not-demons in this film come from.

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