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It served a purpose, a higher good: the dissemination of Roman values along with a respect for Roman power.

As it transpired, classical Roman art has been immensely influential on many subsequent cultures, through revivalist movements like Neoclassical architecture, which have shaped much European and American architecture, as exemplified by the US Capitol Building The lesser-known Classical Revival in modern art (1900-30) led to a return to figure painting as well as new abstract movements like Cubism.

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But on the whole, we can say that Roman art was predominantly derivative and, above all, utilitarian.• Introduction • History of Roman Art • Origins • Cultural Inferiority Complex • Realist Propaganda • Types of Roman Art • Architecture • Famous Roman Buildings - Circus Maximus - Colosseum - Arch of Titus - Baths of Trajan - Pantheon - Baths of Caracalla - Baths of Diocletian - Basilica of Maxentius • Sculpture: Types and Characteristics • Historical Reliefs • Trajan's Column • Marcus Aurelius' Column • Portrait Busts and Statues • Famous Portraits of Roman Emperors • Religious and Funerary Sculpture • Copies of Ancient Greek Sculpture • Painting • Panel Paintings • Triumphal Paintings • Murals • Art Styles From the Roman Empire • Late Roman Art (c.350-500) • Further Resources For several centuries Ancient Rome was the most powerful nation on earth, excelling all others at military organization and warfare, engineering, and architecture.Its unique cultural achievements include the invention of the dome and the groin vault, the development of concrete and a European-wide network of roads and bridges.Rome's greatest contribution to the history of art is undoubtedly to be found in the field of architectural design.Roman architecture during the age of the Republic (knowledge of which derives largely from the 1st-century Roman architect Vitruvius) discovered the round temple and the curved arch but, after the turn of the Millennium, Roman architects and engineers developed techniques for urban building on a massive scale.Their ultra-pragmatic response was to recycle Greek sculpture at every opportunity.Greek poses, reworked with Roman clothes and accessories, were pressed into service to reinforce Roman power.However, the arts were still not a priority for Roman leaders who were more concerned about survival and military affairs.It wasn't until about 200 BCE after it won the first Punic War against Hannibal and the Carthaginians, that Rome felt secure enough to develop its culture.Moreover, we should note that cities in Ancient Rome were less provincial and far more powerful than Greek city-states, so that its art invariably played a more functional role - not least because Roman culture was actually a melange of different beliefs and customs, all of which had to be accomodated.Thus, for example, art quickly became something of a status symbol: something to enhance the buyer's home and social position.

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