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I realized that if you don’t have it, no one will respect you, people will make fun of you, you won’t get what you need, what you want, from any relationship.” Not easy Bouncing back wasn’t easy, she admitted.

“I heard many bad things being said about me, but I didn’t want to say anything bad about anyone else. It doesn’t change just because I’m mad at you,” she stressed.

Now that I’m 22, I believe it would be a more natural experience. However, I don’t think I need an award to feel validated as an actor. That has happened a couple of times in the past year, right after “Sosy Problems” and “My Kontrabida Girl.” I’m all the more motivated to keep doing my best and to always bring something fresh to the table.

It would be more believable for me to accept more edgy roles now. If a role wins me an award I’d be very grateful, but if it doesn’t, I’d be very happy enough with good reviews. I want to explore something that’s not mainstream, although it’s already scary for me, just thinking about it.

I’d hear hurting words like, “I don’t like your leading man.

You already kiss on screen so why do you still hang out with him off-cam?

The actress shared that they became a couple last New Year.

This year, I’ve been really making effort at showing people something new about myself, about making a change.

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“Not only do I already know how I want to be treated, I also know how to treat myself with respect.

I’ve learned how to tell people not to overstep my boundaries.” The star of the Kapuso fantasy series “Indio” elaborated: “The lesson on self-respect was the hardest thing to learn.

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