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He has also pushed to eliminate Maine’s income tax entirely by 2020.Funding education is notoriously complicated, and that has muddied the waters around Question 2.“It scares off any prospective investor because they look at that top marginal rate, it’s a signal to them that they’re going to pay more to do business in Maine.” Former Education Commissioner Jim Rier, considered an expert on Maine’s complicated education funding formula, said he isn’t even sure it’s constitutional because the money raised would bypass the state’s General Fund and go straight to a special account – a charge supporters reject. “I am sure that the legislative language accompanying Question #2 will present a number of challenges and unknowns.It is poorly written, was not subject to any legislative hearings, and ultimately may not even be constitutional in Maine,” Rier said in written comments.Kosinski said Question 2 has broad support because it increases state funding for education.

That is not a sustainable path,” said John Kosinski, a lobbyist for the state teachers union and campaign manager for Yes on 2. “Our tax burden is an impediment,” said Dana Connors, president of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and head of a political action committee opposed to Question 2.

But wealthier respondents said they would support it: Among people reporting household incomes of 0,000 or more, 60 percent said they would vote for the measure, and 35 percent said they would not.

In the lowest income bracket, those with incomes under ,000, 66 percent said they support it, while 22 percent do not.

State education funds are allocated through a formula that takes into account the value of property in a town and its enrollment levels.

Generally speaking, wealthier towns get less state money, while less affluent towns get more.

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