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Lemon pressed back, "What about the constitutional rights of the citizens, though?

" Mc Crory said the law would help certain citizens.

The way the law is written, even if a police agency wants to release the footage, it would likely have to go to court as well.

In order to release a copy of the video, the court must consider eight factors, including whether its release will advance a compelling public interest, if it contains sensitive material and whether release would harm the reputation or jeopardize the safety of an individual.

While it may not answer every question, he said, "it sure would help the public have a better understanding." The new body camera law passed 88-20 in the state House, and 48-2 in the state Senate. "Uniformity, clarity, transparency and quickness – those are the four things this law provides," Perry insisted this summer.

Among the critics this summer was Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat running against Mc Crory in this fall's gubernatorial campaign, who said the law makes it too hard for the public to obtain footage.

"There are private things that could be very embarrassing to people, could be hurtful to people, and that doesn't need to be public," Rep.

"Don, I've got to respect the constitutional rights of our police officers and also the investigation," Mc Crory replied.

Even if that person is allowed to view the tape, the law enforcement agency may not release a copy of the video short of a court order.

In addition to those involved in a particular incident, members of the public, such as reporters, can also go to court to seek a copy of the video.

By and large, release of videos remains at the discretion of local sheriffs and police chiefs.

That's the state of the law in Charlotte right now.

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  1. Can you indicate to us how that's progressing and what kind of reaction you've had from those who are being assisted by Bill C-6? The protection of our people should be placed ahead of political manoeuvring and should be of top concern for all members of Parliament regardless of their party.

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