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Mithoefer, one psychiatrist involved in the research, told The final tests will involve hundreds of people and must be conducted before the FDA decides to approve a new medication.

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It’s taking it in the context of a treatment that involves improved insight and increased skills and using this in the broader context of psychotherapy."As Macie says in the MAPS video, "this tool, it may not be the end all, but it [could] be a tool that can help a lot of people drastically".

I lovingly refer to Buzz’s collecting as gay stashing — tucking away sexually explicit artwork and ephemera out of sight until a satisfactory moment of reveal (think: porn under the mattress). Saturated with color, muscles and veins pulse with patterned bodies in the throes of hardcore action.

Buzz received these drawings from his dentist Gene Sigler, who was given the artworks by a patient named J. Often cropping figures to zero in on their most sensual parts, the artist treats the male body and gay sex as his obsessive object of creative exploration.

Streets, is a hidden gem in San Francisco’s cultural landscape. Knowing how few art spaces are committed to art and ephemera about sex and sexuality, CSC aims to fill some of that void, exhibiting contemporary art and archival materials from its impressive collection.

Its gallery is a fifty-foot wall opposite an extensive library, and the multi-use community space supports activities ranging from sex worker writing workshops, presentations by touring sex educators, erotic performances, and other collective gatherings.

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  1. He smiled as he thought about all those after-school trips over the last few years: dance classes, piano practices, the unending cycle of softball games and tournaments.