Problems updating avg 8 0

If you’re not sure which software to choose, try reading our review of the ten best free anti-virus programs.

Windows 8 has been designed with touchscreen users in mind.

Based on your comments, the problem does not appear to be browser-specific nor make/model-specific, and so once again we are left without a cause. Credit goes to Make Use Of user Konstantin for his comment, which seemed to solve the issue for a lot of people.

Konstantin suggests entering the Control Panel and opening the ‘Network and Sharing Centre’.

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In light of the release, we take the chance to follow up on our original 7 Windows 8.1 Upgrade Issues and How to Fix Them article with another look at some problems and issues that users have faced when using Microsoft’s flagship operating system.

This will cause your computer to become progressively more sluggish until eventually it crashes. The most widely reported, and therefore most likely, is the Windows u PNP service (Universal Plug-and-Play).The service is designed to continually scan your network for new plug-and-play devices – yet it has been known to malfunction – scanning continuously until there are no system resources remaining.The fix is simple, just head to your computer’s ‘Network and Sharing Centre’, click on ‘Change advanced sharing settings’ and check the box next to ‘Turn off network discovery’. Again, the fix is simple enough, just download a free anti-virus software such as Avast or AVG and do a complete system scan.The problem of deleted or disabled administrator accounts has affected people after updating, but this fix will also work if you accidentally disabled the account during normal computer usage.Symptoms could be numerous, from not being able to download content from the Web to not being able to launch programs that require admin privileges.In the comments section of our original article several users reported that they were unable to access the Internet after updating.Sometimes you were able to access the Internet after several refreshes of your laptop or modem, whereas sometimes you said you couldn’t access the Internet after hours of trying.To restore the built-in administrator account firstly head to your computer’s Start Screen and and type ‘cmd’.Once you are presented with the search results right click on ‘cmd’ and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.The ‘dead tiles’ are the leftovers from old native apps that were not properly removed after updating, such as the old chat, camera, and photo programs.To solve the problem you need to you need to enable hidden folders in the view menu, then head to , try reading our recently-published feature length article.

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