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They are men with criminal pasts, but also public officials and students.

Experts say just as there’s no community immune from the crime, there’s no demographic — age, race, gender, religion, economic class — not at risk of being victimized. It’s a problem thrust into the local spotlight by recent high-profile sex-trafficking cases against Lansing’s Tyrone Smith and Christopher Bryant.

That is how many trafficking cases start, police said — girl meets boy online.

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Pickell’s office started impounding the vehicles of johns arrested for soliciting prostitutes and charging them 0 to get it back.

Residents say they’ve found condoms and even sex toys in and around abandoned homes and on street curbs.

The problem has become so pronounced on the east side that the local Citizens Nuisance Task Force, which was originally formed seven years ago to address trash and graffiti, is now directing most of its attention to fighting prostitution.

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