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Figure out where you’re meeting, what time, who is picking up whom and other essentials to making sure that your date goes off without a hitch.AJ Harbinger is one of the world’s top relationship development experts.Flirt Over Text Flirting over text is a great way to keep the excitement going and keep her interested.Be playful and don’t be afraid to drop an emoticon in here and there.Instead, you want to save that for when the two of you are actually together.The reason being, only 10 percent of your communication has to do with the words that you use.The other 90s percent is communicated through body language and your tone of voice.

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That will remind her that you two had a real connection while also reminding her of some of the fun that the two of your had together.

Keep your eyes on the prize as you play the texting game.

The true test of whether or not you’ve won is whether or not she wants to go out with you some time.

Move things toward that place by reminding her of the things that you have in common and finally by suggesting that you two get together and do one of them some time.

Save Rapport for In Person Don’t have “getting to know you” type conversations when you’re texting.

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  1. More often than not, the majority will rule and being the other adult in the equation, you’ll want to avoid whining and pouting in protest. If you operate on a fast-food palette, you’ll likely be right at home with Mc Donald’s breakfast and pizza dinners.

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