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100 Dirty & Funny Pickup Lines " data-medium-file="https://i2com/,201" data-large-file="https://i2com/ fit=630,422" class="size-medium wp-image-175" src="https://i2com/ resize=300,201" alt="100 Dirty & Funny Pickup Lines" srcset="https://i2com/, check out Trigga Treach's mixtape, "tribal treach." I used to have da god's ill Naughty by Nature watch, which their management says they can't replace cuz the guy who made it doesn't work there anymore, but someone's gotta have it, willing 2 pay mad loot to replace it, help!When I had their watch, some girl told me, "they're old, played out," I wuz like, "my watch says I'm naughty by my nature, but don't mentally rape a brotha talkin' bout how they played out, old, cuz I ain't tryna hear that crap, so put that ish on hold as i wrecks, cuz ain't nobody can spit like Treach snaps necks as he wrecks, so don't eff wit da blessed, unless u can do better, if not, shut up and get yer ish 2gether! But, if you’re not feeling like risking it, there are a few nude beaches within short driving range.

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This is an easy one and something you should’ve already done if you want to call yourself a Portlander.

Here's how I took a guy down a notch…and the shocking result! The good doctor obviously thought very highly of himself, which was sort of nice (self-esteem is good! I've long outgrown the belief that I can change a man or his naughty, womanizing ways. And it's great that you're a doctor, but I'm not a hypochondriac, so really, you're kinda useless to me. Sometimes, guys with super-sized egos need a firm hand, someone to remind them that sure, they might be hot or rich or whatever, but there's no excuse for such blatant narcissism.

A few weeks ago, I was set up on a blind date with a hot ER doctor. Call me when you get drafted into the NHL."He sat there, stunned, and I assumed that I had approximately 3.5 second before he got up and stormed out. So ladies, next time you're faced with a bloke who would rather talk to his own reflection than you, feel free to give him a piece of your mind.

We’ve even compiled a nice list of our favorites so you can plan your night.

However, if you can only make it to one, go to Sassy’s.

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