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As we will see, there may be consequences for the SNS user when this expectation is not fulfilled.

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Mc Leod says he's already given investors a clear picture of what that strategy will be, but all he'll say publicly is that it's not happening in 2015 and it won't be similar to the paid product Tinder released last month.

"As a result you have to think, ' How can we keep these people in the pipeline longer?

'"But Hinge, he says, attracts the majority of its users through word of mouth.

This paper examines Social Network Site (SNS) users’ criticism of a popular style of SNS profile picture referred to as “My Space Angles.” Reactions to this style of portraiture label the display of these photographs “deceptive,” alleging that My Space Angles fool users into believing that the subject is more attractive than they actually are.

This case study approach utilizes a close reading analysis of the My Space Angle commentary, revealing three main themes in users’ critique of My Space Angles: 1) users who post these photographs are conforming to a social trend at the expense of their individuality; 2) the presentation of these photographs is narcissistic; and, 3) these photographs purposefully conceal the body.

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