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The arrival of several international cultural organisations in post-conflict Mostar allowed him to discover his passion for music, with a particular fondness for percussion instruments.

At the age of 28 he joined Dubioza, a Yugoslav rock band, which marked the beginning of his international music career.

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This is the Mostar Rock School, the school that wants to eradicate nationalism.

The youth of today was born after the war, but with the combination of what is aired on television and nationalist posters pasted on every street corner, it is difficult to forget the divide.

To this day, the town has been severed in two, limiting the relations of its inhabitants with their neighbours.

I sat in the middle, telling stories about my experiences on tour.

The conversation got lighter, and by the time the coach had reached its first stop, things were different.” A few days later the troop returned to Mostar, changed by their inspiring week of music. When nine extra places opened in autumn, the school received 90 applicants.

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