Maryse ouellet and the miz dating

Maryse has a degree in business administration and is a black belt in martial arts.Early Career Maryse started developing a range of makeup products.She began her modeling career as a beauty pageant contestant and winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada 2003 and stood second at the International Finals of Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2004.Maryse was also on the cover of Playboy’s 2007 Girls of Canada calendar.In 2008, she spent time in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s developmental territories, before being assigned to the Smack Down brand.In December 2008, she won her first WWE Divas Championship and held it for 7-months.

Maryse has also appeared in various newspaper interviews such as Tokyo Headline, and a cover of Sessions Magazine in October 2010.

Managing The Miz (2016-present) Maryse made her return to WWE on April 2016 during the match of her husband The Miz in which she helped him win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Since then she has accompanied Miz ringside and has helped him win many matches.

Maryse Ouellet is a well known wrestler, actress and model in Canada who has also earned significant name as one of the top female entrepreneurs in the world.

She is not only a good actress but also a well known wrestling manager too in WWE.

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