Mary winstead dating

This month, pictures emerged of them hugging weeks before their secret relationship was exposed - and they show just how intimate that romance was.

We are still ride or die, just in a different way now.

However, after posting a picture on Instagram, Eve was compelled to respond with a short - and heartbreaking - sentence. At the time, a source said: “She is doing her best to handle it with dignity.

A follower of the star wrote: “I can’t believe Ewan would end things with u for that cheap w**re! But what makes it worse is she has been told Mary Elizabeth had a teenage crush on Ewan.

On Sunday, British tabloid published a series of photos showing Mc Gregor and Winstead, who play an engaged couple on the FX show, getting close and sharing a "passionate smooch" at a London café.

The pair reportedly left the restaurant together on Mc Gregor's motorcycle. Their relationshiop has been farely low key publicity wise, but the couple share four daughters: Clara, 21; Jamyan, 16; Esther, 15; and Anouk, 6. In May, she and longtime love Riley Stearns, a writer and director who she's known since she was a teenager and married in 2010, announced their amicable split in a pair of since-deleted Instagram posts.

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