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But I could be absolutely wrong — that’s just my wishful thinking and my romantic ideal.They may end up being butting heads for the rest of my tenure!

Later in the episode, Amelia ended up going to the bar with Riggs after her fight with Mer, and although she declined a beverage from the new doc, the former alcoholic ended up ordering a drink for herself."I don't think having a family is the answer to anything, but more a complement to life.I'd rather find the right woman first, but life's funny - I might find someone and they can't have kids.While all signs point to Nathan being romantically involved with Owen’s sister — which seemingly ended up going terribly wrong — Henderson spoke to Variety to clear up Nathan’s storyline.Based on tonight’s episode, we have to assume that Nathan was heavily romantically involved with Owen’s sister, and something went terribly wrong. There’s a reason why you’re a journalist — your instincts are impeccable! [Laughs.] In typical “Grey’s” fashion, the mystery is sort of going to build very slowly throughout the episodes.The reaction from his 179,000 followers was mostly positive with most congratulating the pair, while a few expressed their devastation."It's about time - Marty needs someone in his life," posted one. Originally from England, Randag studied fine art in London and in 2014 wrote, directed and produced a short film.Another duo fighting during the midseason finale were Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers).Their bickering couldn’t even be resolved by a proposal — Karev popped the question, and we were left with a major cliffhanger: “Yes or no? Back with the boys, Owen and Nathan got into a physical fight, which resulted in Nathan getting punched. The reason behind Owen and Nathan’s bad blood isn’t perfectly clear at this point, but throughout the episode, Nathan called Owen’s mother “Ma,” and at episode’s end, Meredith told Owen she didn’t know he had a sister.But, Martin - or 'Mc Kiwi' as fans have dubbed him - has helped breathe new life into the longrunning medical drama, and we chatted with the actor about his first year on the show.When asked about joining the show after Dempsey's departure, he told Digital Spy: "That was probably my one trepidation, because it's just inevitable that people are gonna go, 'Oh, Derek's gone, who's this new guy? ' Which I understand and respect, because it's indicative of how people love this show and the characters."These people have watched Meredith fall in love and go through the marriage, and they live vicariously through their emotions.

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