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Trump's New Budget Adds Trillion to Deficit Over 10 Years.

Aired 9-10p ET • President Trump Won't Approve Release of Democratic Memo; Trump Administration Speechwriter David Sorensen Resigns After Being Accused of Domestic Abuse; Pres.

Trump Should Talk to Mueller; Biden: I'd Advise Pres.

Trump Not to Talk to Mueller; Will Biden Run In 2020? Aired on 8-9p ET • CNN Exclusive Interview With Former VP Joe Biden; WH Chief Of Staff: Democrats' Memo Lengthier Than GOP Version; Pres.

Aired on 8-9p ET • Mueller Charges 13 Russians with Interfering In 2016 Election; Honoring the Fallen; Remembering the Victims; Pres.

Trump Slams "False Allegations Far-Fetched Theories"; Mueller Charges 13 Russians with Interfering In 2016 Election; FBI Admits It Failed To Act On Tip in January on Killer; Another Alleged Affair and Cover-Up; Report: Former Playmate Claims She Had an Affair with Trump Years Ago.Aired on 8-9p ET • 17 Dead in Florida High School Shooting; Sheriff: Shooting Suspect in Custody; Sheriff: Shooting Suspect is Ex-Student, Had One AR-15.Aired 9-10p ET • White House Defends President Trump Amid Porter Scandal; Central Park Five Exonerees Slam President Trump for "Due Process" Hypocrisy; White House Blames FBI For Lack Of Security Clearances; Dems Blast WH for Failing to Release Nunes Memo Rebuttal Now; Pres.Trump Hasn't Directed Us on Russian Meddling; NY Times: Trump's Longtime Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket.Aired 8-9p ET • White House Defends President Trump Amid Porter Scandal; White House Blames FBI for Lack of Security Clearances; Wash Post: Porter's Ex-Wife Dismayed by White House Response; Pres.Trump Defends Porter, Doesn't Mention Women; Source: Kelly Made Clear He Would Resign if Pres.Trump Wanted Him To; Third-Ranking Official at Justice Department Resigning.Aired on 8-9p ET • 17 Dead, At Least 14 Hurt in Florida School Shooting; Shooter was Arrested Walking Along Side of Road; Shooter; Sheriff: Shooter Initially Escaped by Blending into a Group of Student Fleeing the Massacre; Shooter was Arrested Along Side of Road.Aired 9-10p ET • 17 Dead in Florida School Shooting; ; Sheriff: Shooting Suspect Is Ex-Student: Had One AR-15; Sheriff: Shooting Suspect in Custody.Trump: Up To Dems If They Want DACA Legislation to Succeed; GOP Immigration Plan.Aired 8-9p ET • White House Stands by Porter Timeline Despite FBI Contradictions; Sanders Tells Press: I Give the Best Information I Have; FBI Chief: Pres.

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