Lithuanian cam4

I always felt like I'd be taking advantage trying to get these guys in bed.

Also a bit afraid that they'd be a bit psycho after, from things I'd heard from other guys.

Well, we prepared a huge mature/wife/mom/milf movies to satisfy you with HD quality porn.

There is nothing better than an experienced naked hairy milf in your bed, sucking your cock, fucking you hard.

It was like I wasn't even a human being; more just an exotic play thing for him to have a dry orgasm over.

I'm Chinese so it was basically like being in candy land for him.

) I get to put a hand on the goods, is there any rule of thumb or common wisdom on where Jewish guys fall on the size spectrum?

I'm hopeful that he did it because of retraction issues rather than to have a pretty pecker.I accidentally walked in on him when he was getting out of the shower. And then there are the ones whose names I don't remember. And even among blacks, there are plenty of guys with small and average sized cocks. 7 inches with a very hairy crotch, Most of the Jewish guys I've hooked up with were average, but also quite hairy.I thought he had already moved to his room to change. I sincerely doubt that his wife is at all unhappy with his schlong. As a Jewish guy who's dated several Jewish guys, yes, indeed, we run the spectrum. And there are myths, that we are all needledicks - not! The biggest one I ever had was a Mormom of western European descent. He's half Irish/half Italian, so he was blessed with Italian genes below. I've had big - yum - and I've had small - those I fucked and did a two-finger reach-around. Bi-polar, selfish and talking to themselves through the whole thing.We did not have intercourse, and in a way I am glad we did not - who knows what might have happened to my sphincter.While his package was all nice and good, I just couldn't stand the way he treated me.They go on the veranda to use vibrator on pussy, go at the beach and give blowjob there, enjoy threesome under the burning sun and so on! Outdoor fucking seems to be the best for these matures!I have always had a major thing for Jewish guys but I am unlucky and have never actually managed to bed one. Just so I am prepared in case I have to make a "no, not at all disappointed" facial expression when/if (crossing fingers!Just stumbled across this gem of a thread, and I'm amazed at the ignorance and willingness of those posting to generalize entire populations.As a half-Jew (yes, it's possible, as you'll see below) of average length but above average girth who's shtupped his share of his mother's people, I feel qualified to opine:1) Jews, like Armenians, Druze, and a few other groups, are an ethno-religious group bound by common a common DNA and culture.I'm sure there are Jewish men with tiny dicks or below average but they do seem to have bigger than average schlongs. Gays and lesbians would either be expected to conform or leave the community.The only gay, out, Hassidism I've known are former Hassidism and they (mostly) are so fucked up because of the separation from their family, community and life that they knew.

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  1. Her hand slowly inched into her white panties, where a wet spot was growing in size. A moan slipped out of her lips as she increased the pace of her motions.