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Zahoor sustained the policy of editorial independence, with limited exceptions.After the newspaper's editors endorsed Yulia Tymoshenko over Viktor Yanukovych for president in the 2010 Ukrainian presidential election, the publisher issued a policy to forbid editorial endorsements of any political candidate or political party, saying the newspaper should remain non-partisan even on its opinion pages.In 2013, the Kyiv Post covered what became known as the Euromaidan, and began on November 21, 2013, triggered by then-President Viktor Yanukovych's broken promise to sign a political and economic association agreement with the European Union.The Kyiv Post published hundreds of stories in print and online about the revolution, which ended in Yanukovych fleeing to Russia on February 21–22, 2014.

The Kyiv Post has had at least 15 chief editors since its first edition on October 18, 1995.

Zahoor publishes the newspaper through his Public Media company.

In an interview with the Kyiv Post published on August 6, 2009, Zahoor pledged to revive the newspaper and adhere to its tradition of editorial independence.

The front-page story was published on April 15, 2011. senators met with Bonner and some Kyiv Post staff members in the Inter Continental Hotel in Kyiv and issued a statement of support Zahoor reinstated Bonner as senior editor on April 20, 2011, elevating him to chief editor again later in the year.

Bonner's firing lasted only five days, after almost the entire staff went on strike in support of his decision to publish the article. The incident garnered international attention as a barometer of the state of freedom of the press in Ukraine.

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